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  • How To Wear Nude Shoes

    Black used to be the staple shoes for every woman but since nude coloured shoes burst onto the scene back in 2010 with the craze for everything pale and interesting it seems like they’ve firmly made a name for themselves as being the shoes of choice that go with pretty much anything.

    This year nudes have been ever more popular because of their popularity with celebrities. Everyone who is anyone has been sporting a pair, so of course we want in on it too!

    The nude palette is actually one that extends quite far from cream and peach tones to beige and coffee shades, the neutral palette takes in so many different forms that you’ll find one that matches your skin tone perfectly.

    Just as versatile as black shoes, if not more so, nude shoes are not only extremely easy to wear but they’re also really flattering. The shade creates an illusion of longer legs when worn with bare legs or skin coloured tights because of the unbroken line down the leg to the foot, making you appear taller and slimmer. Court shoes or platform shoes with a low front and no ankle strap in a nude shade will give the best leg-lengthening effect, although nude coloured flats and sandals are still effective.

    Nude shoes have been massive all summer thanks to their light and airy colour palette, but they’re so easy to take into autumn and winter too – so there’s no need to pack them away just yet!

    There are so many different styles of nude shoes to try, from staid leather looks to pretty patent shoes for evenings out. They’re the perfect choice for a prim and proper style that’s perfect for any occasion!

    If you love the nude trend then here’s some styling advice on how you can wear nude coloured shoes with different outfits.


    Team nude coloured shoes with girly floral prints; a subtle nude shade will let the print do the talking while a peach tone will pick out a colour from your outfit. When black or brown shoes are too dark for summer days or you don’t fancy a vibrant shade that has it’s limitations, a pair of nude coloured shoes will bring fresh air to your look – cute flat pumps or summer sandals are perfect!

    Vibrant colours

    If you’re wearing an outfit using bold shades then wear a pair of nude coloured shoes to make sure you don’t overdo it. Avoid trying to match your shoes to your look and stay away from the black shoes. Black is often far too harsh a colour to add to an already bold outfit. Nude shoes will slot in perfectly without toning your style down.Follow these rules and that way your outfit will do all talking rather than distracting.


    We all want to look and feel great in the office but you need to know your limitations and what may work well out of work may not during office hours. Nude coloured shoes will finish off your smart look with ease; they’re not too much and they’ll look stylish. Go for some plain court shoes or slingbacks and wear with a tailored look. Again add skin coloured tights for a leg lengthening effect that’ll have you feeling fantastic!

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    This helpful article was written on behalf of Viva La Diva- designer shoes, boots and bags online.

    Hush Puppies – What’s in a Name?

    Whenever I ask people what happened in 1958, and I try to do it as often as possible these days, people always come up with the same old answers. It’s beginning to tire a little now if I’m honest. Before you ask, yes I know Brazil won the World Cup; I’m fully aware that NASA had just formed, and yes of course it still brings a tear to my eye remembering the horrific Munich Air Disaster – but there’s always one event people seem to forget. Not that I’m casually disregarding the above events as unimportant, goodness gracious no, but there was something happening in that very same year that, as far as important events go, was a bit of a stonker.

    Now, be a sport and take a look at your feet. Wearing shoes? Good. Are they comfortable? Of course they are, you wouldn’t have bought them if they cut off the circulation to your toes now would you? I’m not daft, I know this. You’ll probably be surprised to hear that you owe an awful lot to a certain brand for the fact that your shoes are comfortable. I’m talking, of course, about Hush Puppies. Great name eh? Great shoes too. The story of how this quirky little name came about is rather a good one, so sit back, put your feet up (leaving your shoes firmly on) and enjoy.

    Prior to 1958, the US military had funded a company by the name of Wolverine to develop a practical method of pigskin tanning for the US military. Why pigskin I might hear you ask if I were standing next to you? Well it just so happens that pigskin is one of the strongest, most durable leathers around, hence the interest the US government took in swaddling its’ soldiers in its protective toughness. Think about that next time you pick a fight with a piglet.

    The then chairman of the company, one Victor Krause, had been working on the development of a “casual” pigskin shoe, with the intention of infiltrating the post-war suburbia in the US of A. The brand’s first sales manager, unfortunately named James Gaylord Muir (what kind of a name is James?) was the chirpy chappy responsible for the creation of the name Hush Puppies. Originally penned in as “Lasers”, it was on a trip to the southeastern corner of America that Muir was introduced to a plate of deep-fried corn balls, known locally as Hush Puppies. Upon asking why they were called Hush Puppies, he was somewhat unsettled to see the man stand up, turn on hi heels and walk off. Just when he was starting to think he’d seriously offended the man, and that he’d perhaps be wise to beat a swift and hasty retreat before finding himself skewered on a rusty cattle prod and turned into a makeshift scarecrow, the man returned with his trusty canine chum trotting alongside him, and casually sat back down.

    Several long seconds later the doorbell rang, and quite expectedly the dog began to bark. The man then proceeded to hurl the deep fried cornballs at the dog until it ceased barking and lay down, looking somewhat abashed and slightly greasy. It was only then that Muir was informed that the term Hush Puppies had been coined by the farmers who chucked them and the hounds to “quiet their barking dogs”.

    Feeling decidedly more at ease with his dining companion and with his personal safety in general, Muir began to feel the warm bubbly, slightly fizzy sensation that always precedes a great idea. It was common knowledge at the time that the phrase “Barking Dogs” was a colloquial term for tired feet, and Muir surmised that his new shoes were so comfortable they could literally and metaphorically “Quiet Barking Dogs”. Hush Puppies Shoes were born.

    Today Hush Puppies still adhere to the vision laid down by Muir & co all those years ago, and continue to provide the world with fashionable, affordable shoes that are as well-made as they are comfortable. If you want to quiet your barking dogs, or just get a pair of shoes that are incredibly comfortable, there really is only one choice.

    About the Author

    Will Davies is currently living and working in Manchester, England, and has been writing articles, radio sit-coms and dabbling with novels for the last ten years.

    The world of a pocket watch

    There is a rate and it is converted by a combination of pocket watch gears, these goes up to 3 gears and is concentric tubes that fit together. Also concentric ones are rising to the sphere. These are the conference hours, minutes and seconds at the ends of the tubes are placed inside the needles, which turn around the sphere at a distance of few tenths of a millimeter without touching, indicating the time.

    Basically, although there are some pocket watch models, which are more complex, its operation consists of a quartz crystal oscillating at a 32000Hz and a chip that has these oscillations to a certain number, then the chip knows who has spent a second and sends an electrical impulse. The accuracy of this system is extreme. It is common for even the most inexpensive and simple to obtain accuracies of about 7 seconds per month, depending on circuit models can reach 3 seconds per year or less.

    Analog clocks are those needles to indicate the time. The electrical pocket watch impulse of the crystal oscillator circuit is generated at intervals of 1 second and it is connected to an electromagnet which spins a magnetic rotor. Just like a small motor, it gears with a few impulses are carried to the wheel of hours, of minutes and seconds. The complexity of the mechanical and maintenance is much lower than a mechanical watch, while its accuracy is much higher.


    The power supply for a pocket watch is usually a silver oxide battery 1.5Voltios and amperage from 5 to 250 by dragging circuit and mechanical parts. This type of Power offers a range of about a year, although there are clocks for low power consumption and high amperage battery can last 2 or more years. In this case the battery is replaced by a battery that is charged with energy, these clocks can run smoothly for over a decade. Although the battery will sooner or later must be replaced as it loses its storage capacity.

    Through solar panel

    Some of the latest models have a solar panel which is usually the entire area, which is painted on the solar panel and is connected to the accumulator.

    On the other hand, when it comes to a dynamo, in this case the battery is connected to an electrical generator generates electrical pulses each time the oscillating mass is inside the clock moves by the natural movement of the person who carries it.

    The digital pocket watch models are integrated quartz circuit across a specific circuitry that is connected to a liquid crystal display segments, or even dot matrix which shows the time.

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    Snoring Chin strap – The Snoring days are gone!

    A Snoring Chin Strap is simply an anti-snore piece of equipment. It may not come out as cool looking equipment since it’s purposely for solving snoring problems. But its effectiveness can be appreciated when it calms down those hectic snoring days from your bedmate. The Snoring Strap is specifically meant for those whose snoring is as a result of sleep with an open mouth. For the people suffering from sleep apnea it might not be that useful.

    The Snoring Strap is worn by strapping it around the head and chin to hold the jaw together thus prevents snores. A good thing about these anti-snore devices is they can be made from most of the fabrics we have. But the best Snoring Strap is one made of cotton. A cotton chin strap has a natural feel to the skin and the wearer rarely notices it while sleepy. Cotton fabric also helps in enhancing comfort.

    But most people may complain that the Snoring Chin Strap is uncomfortable to sleep in. It is thus advised to first test the device for some days so you can decide whether to settle for it. Other than that this new amazing device can finally bring back the sleepy days you lost to snoring.

    The Snoring Chin strap is one of the snoring solutions that we have a around today. It is highly helpful to those people with a snoring problem. While snoring is not a choice it may be a huge problem to people you share the same bed with. One of the reasons that cause snoring is sleeping with your mouth open the other reason being as a result of sleep apnea. If the former is the cause of snoring, the Snoring Chin Strap is thus highly effective in holding the jaws together thus regulating or stops snoring completely.

    The Snoring Chin Strap comes in different varieties in the market; these are the 3 top quality snoring chip straps you can rely on to cut down on the snoring nights. The ‘My Snoring Solution’ is the commonest chin strap found in the market. It is made from light and washable material and is a good guarantee for quite nights in the bedroom.

    The second kind of Snoring Chip Strap is the Respironic Premium Chinstrap made of thick fabric and is quite long-lasting. It has a chin cup fitted t make sure it stays in position while you sleep. But you have to be careful not to strap it tightly to the head lest it becomes uncomfortable.

    The third kind of Snoring Chin strap you can rely on is the Avalon Aire Topaz make. This is ideally recommended for those suffering from sleep apnea.

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    Do Wavy Lace Wigs Shed More

    Celebrities and ordinary people alike are all up to changing their appearances with the help of lace wigs. It use to be only available to a few chosen elites, but the production of these units has highly increased making it now available to the public. In addition, the price has significantly decreased than compare to what it was when it was introduced. These so-called celebrity lace units have been widely used in the fashion and entertainment industry with a number of your favorite and well known celebrities.

    To those who were born with straight hair, modifying it to become curly is part of one of the many aspirations. Without the harmful effects of chemicals applied during treatments, lace wigs can be the answer to your prayer. It is purely safe and painless, as it only needs an adhesive to be worn, however the option of glue-less units is now available on the market. However, one question still remains and that is if wavy units shed more than the straight ones. The answer is yes, curly and long hair tends to shed more compared to the straight and short hair. Light shedding is normal, just like what your normal hair does. However, straight hair is generally the easiest to maintain and sheds very little.

    The rule of thumb is to learn how to properly maintain your unit. Each texture, style and length requires a different type of care, some even more extensive than others. However the basic of maintaining your unit is as follows: Always keep the hair clean. The wigs must be washed about once every two weeks, especially after swimming, since chlorine and salt water can damage the unit. You may want to wear a swim cap to protect it. Use a mild shampoo and a conditioner to soften the texture of the hair, as well as to add moisture. After every wash, you can reseal the knots on the inside of the lace cap with a knot sealer to strengthen each strand. This will also lessen excessive shedding. Detangling must also be done after every wash. Starting from the end, gently comb or brush the hair all the way up to the scalp, with your other hand holding the base. It is strongly advised not to chemically treat the hair yourself as it may cause irreversible damage, not only to the hair but also to your own self.

    Straight, curly and wavy lace wigs are now readily available online and offline. If you can’t obtain it within your local vicinity, then attempt obtaining it from a reputable online shop. Lastly, keep in mind that Indian hair is the ideal type to obtain when you are seeking to alternate between wavy and straight. Indian hair can easily go from straight to wavy when wet and back to straight with the use of a straightener.

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    Copy Kate’s look by Issa Clothing Without Breaking the Bank

    Everyone was stunned when they saw Kate Middleton in one of Issa clothing dresses and the minute they saw it as their jaws dropped was the desire to achieve such a look!
    But where oh where shall they get that look on a budget?

    We all know that the economy plays a great part on our fashion lifestyle and we want to look great without having to look at bank robbery as a profession. So why don’t we style ourselves in economical ways but with the elegance and style of Miss Middleton?

    The great thing about her style is that the dresses that she wears can also be worn by any woman and also look great it in. As one can notice, she chooses classic clothes and something that would flatter any female from 18 to 80 years of age! It doesn’t take royalty to look like her so start with these simple steps:

    Get her hair style!
    There are a lot of tutorials over the internet today and there are great ways (easy ways) where you can style your hair without the help of a hairstylist too! Go ahead and search online.

    During Kate’s engagement announcement, she wore a $625 sapphire silk jersey dress by Issa clothing. What you can do is go online and check out online dress shops and check out a similar dress or something that would look close to it, take note of the color and get the dress that is closest to the color and style! You will definitely get something that is less than $200 and since it’s online, you may even get some great deals.

    You don’t have to be a crown princess, all you have to do is be smart!

    One way is to take pictures of Kate in several dresses that you fancy and compare them to dresses that are cheaper but has the same style or is close to that style.

    Issa clothing may be quite expensive to some but the classic design of the clothes they offer will definitely have something almost the same to more affordable shops out there, if you just know where to look. Even the jewelry she was wearing can have budget looks available.

    Just take for instance the Royal Heirloom necklace for $40 from sterling, it captures almost the same elegance that Kate had during that announcement.

    Try it yourself to feel and see like a crown princess without having to spend like one.

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    Do You Want To Have A Winter Wedding Too?

    There is an increasing trend for brides to get married in the Winter. Snow themed weddings are unique, intimate, special and elegant. Winter is considered an “off wedding season” so getting married during this time saves you money and you can get what you want without the competition. (I’m not talking about competition for husbands here but competition for good locations and arrangements!) Another advantage of a winter wedding is that most of your loved ones will be free and will able to attend.

    What are you waiting for? Make your wedding stand out and be a magical day to remember.

    Debenhams has revealed that even though Prince William and Kate Middleton are opting for a summer wedding, research from high street retailer shows that other couples are watching the pennies and opting for a cheaper winter wedding instead.

    Winter weddings are up 28 per cent with the week of Sunday 26th December, which includes Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve, now as popular as the first week in July, previously known as the peak wedding week.

    The change was noted when the Debenhams wedding list service experienced a record number of couples registering lists in September and October for weddings taking place from November through to February.

    Ruth Attridge, Debenhams’ spokesperson said: “These days, a white wedding could easily mean the appearance of snow on the big day as much as the bride’s dress.

    “By marrying in the colder winter months, a couple can save a considerable amount of money without losing any of the romance.

    “In addition, unlike the expensive and wedding-heavy summer months, winter wedding guests are likely to be more generous when splashing out on wedding gifts.

    “We’d like to pass on our congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton and will be watching to see if their upcoming summer nuptials will reverse the trend with couples rushing to mirror their celebrations.”

    Debenhams research shows that booking a wedding on a Friday or Sunday, rather than the standard Saturday, has also increased in popularity with brides and grooms looking to cut costs.

    Jetting off to sunnier climes for a wedding abroad is up 34 per cent, proving popular during the winter months for guaranteed blue skies for the wedding photos.

    Ruth Attridge added: “The growing trend of winter weddings is reflected in the items featuring on wedding lists. As well as 15 tog duvets, we’re seeing hot water bottles, blankets, casserole dishes and chunky knitwear being snapped up by friends and family.

    “Couples have also told us that they are saving even more money by using artificial Christmas trees and Christmas decorations to dress their venues.”

    Celebrity winter weddings include Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum, Billie Piper and Laurence Fox, Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault and Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley.

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    Dressing For A Change

    Have you decided that you want a transformation of image? Or would you just like to smarten yourself up a bit? Maybe you have a new job with new colleagues and you would like to take this opportunity to dress a bit more elegantly. Occasionally people like to transform their image when they are searching for or have just discovered a new partner.

    While changing one’s image most people will focus on a new hair style and smarter clothes. Women might go for smart trouser suits or power dresses and men may decide to wear a lounge suit or a jacket and tie more often. If the weather is bad an expensive overcoat always completes the image, particularly suede, cashmere or leather. It used to be that fur was de rigeur, but now it is duh.

    However, there is another way of changing your image, a way that need not be that expensive, although sometimes it takes courage to do it. That is the wearing or the using of accessories. Women have more scope here in numerous ways, but men have alternatives too.

    Women can wear something in their new hair style; possibly co-ordinate bags and shoes; they can wear a different kind of stockings or could start wearing gloves, white kid, for example. They could change the style of jewelery they wear and the colour or their hair and lipstick. Belts, brooches, watches and scarves can also serve the purpose of changing ones image. They could also wear a fresh flower on their lapel, in their hair or behind their ear for that old style gypsy look:-) (that is the brave one).

    Men have a slightly more difficult time of it without looking daft, but men can wear better shoes, wear a tie more often or an expensive watch. They could carry a briefcase and an umbrella, and wear a flower in their button hole, but this is where it begins to look a bit contrived. They could also wear a monocle, a pocket watch or a bow tie.

    My cousin wears a monocle and once you overcome your first instinct to laugh, you have to admit that he looks fairly elegant. The same is true of bow ties, which he wears too and insists on tying it by hand. He also carries an umbrella, a briefcase and wears pinstripes. He is very brave and he is noticed and remembered wherever he goes.

    However, you do not have to go that far. Even simply wearing a bow tie instead of a tie will set you apart. Have you noticed that if you are talking to someone wearing a bow tie you cannot stop staring at it? It is the men’s equivalent of a woman’s low-cut dress.

    Anyway, accessories are a cheaper way of changing your image than going out and buying a new wardrobe of outfits and they are more easily combined that different suits. Go for colours that blend easily, like blacks, greys, browns and off-whites. Understatement is usually better than garish.

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    Halter Up – Tips on wearing a Halter Dress

    Halter dresses are quickly catching popularity as everyone’s favorite formal wear. This specific style looks good on a wide variety of body types and can be worn with accessories to nicely complement the overall look.  To bring the best out of this elegant evening dress here are a few rules that need to be followed.

    Halter dresses should be worn according to body type. Even the width of the strap can ruin the whole look. It is recommended that thicker people should wear a thick strap while thinner people can get away with wearing a thin one. The right sized strap can help balance the dress with the wearer’s body size.

    The halter is one complete fashion item that can span a great portion of your body. This is why the upper and lower parts need to be proportional and complement each other. If a halter is revealing on top then it should be covered at the bottom. The length of this outfit when worn as an evening party dress should be no higher than knee length while an ankle length halter works best for weddings and formal events. A dress with a high neckline should have a low back (not too low) and vice versa.

    Accessories can go along pretty well with a halter. For a party contrasting color schemes are preferred. A dark and solid colored dress can look great with a bright colored hand bag or clutch purse along with matching shoes. A flashy bright colored bracelet can also be a welcome addition. Dark colored evening party dresses are also an ideal choice for formal events. Large earrings coupled with silver or diamond jewelry pieces can also positively contribute to the look. However one thing to note is that a halter and a necklace should never appear together. A necklace draws attention to your neck and face but a halter does this too by exposing area around the neck and highlighting it with straps.

    A halter is the prefect display of elegance and panache. Classiness combined with charm is what makes it a very popular evening ware. It’s not only versatile as an elegant evening dress or something to wear at a formal occasion but also brings the best of both worlds together in its design. This hot new trend is here to dominate the fashion scene for a long time to come.

    s they are the show piece of any big shop in any cloth market.



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    Silhouette Eyeglasses – A Review

    Established in the year 1964, Silhouette Eyeglasses has always been a favorite of people’s. Made from high-quality materials, Silhouette frames are suitable for prescription lenses of all types. The fact that Eyeglasses have won the trust of NASA experts by becoming its primary provider of eyeglasses, says it all! These prescription eyeglasses are known for their acuity and quality.

    This eyewear giant’s collection of rimless prescription eyeglasses is timeless and suitable for any occasion anywhere. With frames made from hyper-elastic metallic titanium, they are super flexible and lightweight. These features make them especially comfortable for daily wear! Silhouette Eyeglasses not only focus on the functionality, but they can also illuminate your personality. You can find rimless eyeglasses in all shapes to accentuate your look!

    Some favorites of Silhouette Eyeglasses include the Silhouette Rimless 7534 Titan Next Generation III, Silhouette 8090 (Soft Oversized Square), and Silhouette Rimless 5058 Clip-On prescription eyeglasses.

    The Silhouette Rimless 7534 Titan Next Generation III are prescription eyeglasses that are a perfect combination of style and performance. The polycarbonate lenses are crafted for superior vision support while adding a sophisticated touch. Titanium frame and adjustable nose pads render maximum comfort. This pair of unisex scratch and impact resistant Silhouette Eyeglasses is the best bet for the stylish you.

    The Silhouette 8090 (Soft Oversized Square) is available in a choice of colors. These rimless eyeglasses come with ultra sleek temples, a slim nose bridge, and adjustable nose pads for a cozy fit. Slightly oversized yet lightweight in design, these rimless eyeglasses are a perfect choice of eyewear.

    Silhouette Rimless 5058 Clip-On Eyeglasses are crafted for excellence. These unisex Silhouette Eyeglasses are practical and sophisticated. Choose them to reveal your unique and classy style!

    You can shop for Silhouette Eyeglasses at Best Buy Sunglasses – a simple solution for shopping the coolest range of eyewear and amazingly low prices!

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