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  • Movado Watches That Make Perfect Gifts

    Looking to give the gift of time this holiday season? Consider a great Movado watch. Timepieces are some of the simplest gifts around, but they’re also some of the best. A good watch is like a great piece of jewelry, but it’s also functional. Whether you’re gifting a busy business executive, a powerful woman who’s always on the go, or your closest friend, think outside the box. Forget the GPS, forget the DVD, forget the gift certificate to Sephora, and consider a simple watch.

    Surprisingly, there’s nothing wrong with giving someone a gift they can actually use, in fact, it’s advisable! Many people’s pockets are tight right now, and chances are, your loved ones will appreciate a present that is functional instead of frivolous.

    A great watch can say a lot about its owner, and finding the perfect model can be a daunting task. When picking out a watch for someone special, be sure to take into account his or her style preferences and lifestyle choices. Here are a few suggestions on how to find the best watch for that lucky person on your gift list.

    For Your Fashionable Best Friend

    Your best friend is always late. She’s always telling you she doesn’t need a watch because she can just check the time on her Blackberry, and that might be true, but she never manages to check the time on her Blackberry because the girl is always late! Consider getting her a watch for Christmas and watch in glee as she opens her gift and realizes that watches can be fashionable! A simple, architectural gold watch with a steel case encompassing a black dial with Swiss quartz movement and a gold-tone bracelet is the perfect gift for your fashionable friend. It’s slim and unobtrusive, it won’t stand out against her favorite bangles, it’ll compliment them! She’ll be surprised to learn that she actually enjoys wearing a watch and she’ll have no excuse for running late again!

    For the Powerful Business CEO Guy

    Your husband never stops moving, the guy works like crazy! He’s no stranger to sixty-hour weeks, and you only know that because he’s forever checking his watch to tell you how late he’s at work. As stressed as he is, he’s begun to equate his stress with looking at his watch. So find him a watch he loves that’s simple and masculine that gets the job done without being ostentatious. A Movado black leather strap watch is the perfect gift for your guy on the go. It offers a stainless steel case encompassing a black dial with gold-tone hands, and is finished off with a classy, goes with everything, lasts forever, black leather strap. Help him stay on time and stay less stressed by giving him a timepiece that he actually wants to look at.

    For Your Mother in Law

    Shopping for your mother-in-law isn’t just a task, it’s a chore. The woman is so picky it’s like you can’t do anything right, but when she sees the beautiful Swiss Quartz gold-tone stainless steel bracelet watch you’ve selected for her for this Christmas, she might just decide she likes you after all. This beautiful watch, with linked circles on the bracelet, is perfectly practical, age appropriate, and sophisticated. This is a sizable watch, so she might not want to wear lots of jewelry with it, but that’s part of the beauty of this gold piece, it’s so gorgeous that it can stand on its own without any bracelets or other jewelry at all!

    For Your Oldest Guy Friend

    Consider for him a classic two-tone silver watch. With a classic chain linked band and a large face, this watch is utterly timeless something he can pass it on to his kids as a family heirloom. This watch is quite sporty, yet still elegant enough for the office. It’s the kind of timepiece that can easily go from the office to the golf course. It features a silver-tone dial with Arabic numbers and offers Swiss movement so that the timepiece stays functional no matter what. In short, it’s perfect for any guy.

    As you can see, there are tons of great Movado watches out there to give this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for something for your husband, your super fashionable best friend forever, or the guy friend who’s had your back through thick and thin, you’re sure to find a timepiece that works for them. All Movado watches are impeccably well made and will withstand the test of time to become heirloom pieces to all who receive them.

    If you’ve been looking for an incredible gift for someone you love, be sure to consider these standout models from Movado.

    About the Author

    Hans Hansen is a freelance writer who writes about jewelry, watches and specific brands such as Movado.

    Fake Bake Self Tanning Lotion Review

    It’s amazing how much better a nice golden tan can make a person look. Aside from the bronzy-glow from head to toe, It can make the skin look healthier and more vibrant, and also has the power to make the body appear slimmer.

    These are the reasons why people spend so much time and money on tanning, both indoors and out. With the knowledge of how damaging the sun can be – causing skin cancer and aging signs like wrinkles and age spots – people are now turning to products that make the skin look tan without the damage. Bronzers, sunless tanners, and spray tans are a few of the ways that people bronze their skin without spending time in the sun. However, sunless tanners have a reputation for being smelly, streaky, and for giving the skin a un-natural orange tint. For this reason, the quest for the perfect sunless tanning product has been ongoing.

    Fake Bake Tanning Lotion is the most talked about sunless tanning product. This company has perfected the sunless tanner by providing a tan that is a beautiful bronze color, with a pleasant odor and a user-friendly application. In addition to providing a perfectly even and natural looking tan, Fake Bake products are preservative-free and are made with botanical ingredients. So in addition to shielding your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, you can be sure that you are not damaging your skin or your health with any harmful ingredients. Fake Bake lotion products also have ingredients that help to treat and care for the skin as you build your beautiful glow. Moisturizers help to keep the skin soft and hydrated, and some products even have slimming and firming ingredients to reduce cellulite and sagging skin. The products are safe and gentle enough for sensitive skin.

    Fake Bake Tanning Lotion contains a blend of unique naturally derived tanning ingredients called DHA and Erythulose. Working with the melanin cells in the top layers of skin, the lotion develops your tan to compliment your skin tone for very natural and gorgeous results. One of the best features of Fake Bake Tanning Lotion is the built in color of the product that instantly shows exactly where the product has been placed, ensuring that every area of the skin has been treated, to avoid streaky skin, pale patches, and dark spots. Fake Bake Tanning Lotion has an innovative technology that allows the tan to last up to 50% longer than other sunless tanning lotions. Fake Bake lotion is also available as a gradual tanner, to slowly build the ultimate natural looking tan over time.

    With five to six applications per bottle, there is no need for those $30+ tanning salon visits for a spray tan anymore! People who enjoy a good sunless tan are raving about this self tanner. It addresses all the common complaints of sunless tanners and makes the process easier, faster, and flawless. Fake Bake is so great that it has been featured in countless publications and used by celebrities like Madonna and Britney Spears. Fake Bake Tanning Lotion makes that perfect summer glow possible in every season. Purchase your own professional Fake Bake Tanning Lotion.

    About the Author

    I’m the in-house pro at and a Professional Cosmetologist.

    Buy low-priced Mp3 game enthusiasts & personal advertising game enthusiasts Online

    Are you a tunes lover? You undoubtedly really enjoy to own a easily transportable advertising participant with your hand. a lot of you believed to suit your must must get an person but will avoid pondering about which an person to get and where by you can actually get low-priced Mp3 game enthusiasts and someplace baffled all through the features. let us see handful of to the common items you must know forward to get the easily transportable advertising Players.

    First, you must explore will almost certainly be the Memory. generally advertising game enthusiasts can arrive may have both really hard gain of Flash dependent safe-keeping system. you are likely to get fairly a good deal of distinctions involving people today two. really hard gain dependent game enthusiasts will normally of additional safe-keeping spaces when as opposed to flash memory space dependent devices. thinking of that really hard disk dependent mp3 game enthusiasts have relocating elements inside, it is normally extremely susceptible to have repaired easily. however the Flash dependent memories doesn’t have movable elements and can last long. Flash memory space dependent easily transportable advertising participant is costlier when as opposed in the direction of the other.

    Second, look all through the ‘Brand’. you are likely to get numerous producers releasing MP3 game enthusiasts like Apple, Sony, Samsung, Creative, Zune, Cowon, iAudio and plenty other. Sony obtained change out to be almost certainly the most well-liked maker one of the individual and Transcend / SanDisk is beneficial recognised for its user-friendly designs.

    Third, explore what attributes you wishes with your MP3 Player. Now-a-days extremely improved solutions like saving tv and cell attributes are around all through the MP3 Players.

    The last an person you must determine will almost certainly be the Price. when you’re in research of the minimal featured game enthusiasts which lasts long, you can actually go for apple company Shuffle. if you’d probably just like a easily transportable advertising participant with significant safe-keeping and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can actually go for Archos or Apple.

    About the Author

    Are you a tunes lover? You undoubtedly really enjoy to own a easily transportable advertising participant with your hand. a lot of you believed to suit your must must get an person but will avoid pondering about which an person to get and where by you can actually get low-priced Mp3 game enthusiasts and someplace baffled all through the features. let us see handful of to the common items you must know forward to get the easily transportable advertising Players.

    My Patch Looks Like a Bob Ross Painting

    So you have a great design that you want to turn into a patch. It’s a kind of detailed, but it you would love to see it as a custom patch. You send it in and wait for a proof. When you get the email with the proof, you tear into it like a kid on Christmas morning. It opens up, and your masterpiece looks like a Bob Ross painting. Why?

    With producing patches, you are working with a needle and thread. There is only so much detail that can be reproduced. At larger sizes, more detail can kept. The smaller the patch, the less the detail. When an artist looks at your design, he will then determine whether all of the detail can be kept at the size you requested, or if something needs to be changed.

    If something does need to be changed, you can choose to either loose some of the detail, or you can make the patch bigger. There is, however, a third option called “fine woven.” Fine Woven patches uses a smaller needle and can keep a lot more detail then regular embroidery.


    So you have a great design that you want to turn into a patch. It’s a kind of detailed, but it you would love to see it as a custom patch. You send it in and wait for a proof. When you get the email with the proof, you tear into it like a kid on Christmas morning. It opens up, and your masterpiece looks like a Bob Ross painting. Why?
    So you have a great design that you want to turn into a patch. It’s a kind of detailed, but it you would love to see it as a custom patch. You send it in and wait for a proof. When you get the email with the proof, you tear into it like a kid on Christmas morning. It opens up, and your masterpiece looks like a Bob Ross painting. Why?

    About the Author

    Air Force, Marines and the Coast Guard. As we begin the design process for a requested pin our staff takes into mind all that they signify to those who earned them and those who stood with them on the battlefield as well as their families. Attention to detail, quality craftmanship and affordable pricing are hallmarks of the military lapel pins we produce.


    Environmental protection clothing news

    Environmental protection clothing news
    Santa Monica, California, November 28, 2007, Sunday – this holiday season, consumers can buy big discounts green and socially conscious gifts, more fashion, beauty and lifestyle companies have joined the white apricot fabulous find.
    Publishers, Hoffman said: “Dan,” We offer 15% discount on the center of sustainable, organic, natural, recycled and conscious products, 30% of the best producers. Who is on board since the launch of the new company a month ago, including Carol Young, Naturevsfuture and the same below, Doce Vida yoga wear, jewelry and accessories in New York and again accidentally Lucina and costume design from the natural hot springs and Eclipse organic skin care products, to name a few. “We also added the company to provide holiday gifts, like natural sugar, soy candles, T-shirts with inspirational messages, and even Earth-friendly wine bag and toys,” he added.
    These new participants join more than 50, including Bono’s company, EDUN canopy, the horny toad, Stewart + Brown, Earth Mama Angel Baby-rich hippie, SIGG, Energy Muse, organic bouquets, terracotta warts , Tsubo, ExerciseTV, Satya Jewelry and Amy’s Kitchen, offers everything from environmentally friendly clothing, vegan shoes, handbags and environmentally conscious jewelry to organic beauty and hair care products, natural mineral makeup, yoga gear, and organic food.
    “Fabulous find wonderful things about
    ( fab_finds), these discounts, environmentally friendly [url=]fashion[/url] and natural products, they are usually more expensive, consumers can access, he continued. “” Los Angeles Times in a recent poll, nearly nine in 10 Americans say they are “conscious consumers, if the product price and quality are equal, they will buy from a business sense, therefore, for environmentally friendly products 25% discount, making the Earth more attractive to do the right thing. ”
    White apricot, electronic communications and web sites, covering eco and socially conscious fashion, beauty and lifestyle, launched a fabulous, identified as a hub for the company to provide discounts and other concessions readers. “Although we have witnessed the rise of” eco “and” green “has become mainstream, there are so many meaningful ways to sell your great company. In addition, there are millions looking for a place to buy these natural and eco-friendly consumer products , he explained. “” We are doing is to make them. ”

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    Unicom shall have the right to cancel preferential policies to customers, that number stands for phone is Designer Handbags locked. According to report, this policy will be implemented since December 1, customers will be before the original coach handbags regulations.Where a lot of coaches are tied to one tree, most frequently headed by men like Bill Parcells or Bill Walsh, hes got a bunch of stickers on that suitcase of his.The assortment of Fraziers experiences Coach Handbags online ought to aid the squad.Yandong said to provide wide coverage, covers basic, the coach bags pre-school public service.

    Coach departure: In this beautiful holiday season, Coach Outlet, front-fashioned American style, brings brightly colored bags evening elegant and full of shining mini paillette carryalls that are unique and exceptional fashion and make you cool.For a bag of this quality you would have to pay triple the price. There are several ways you can buy one out of the car at an affordable price handbag. In the Coach Bags outlet store, you can find handbags of women in many color options as coach pink purses, brown coach purses, coach black handbags, white coach handbags and many more.

    Coach is a company of handbags and accessories that has been around since 1941.Past football, theres the teams success in Minnesota long-term, with just 11 games left on the Metrodome lease.The arise between students and perception are just. Stuart Coach outlet online south exit year between life and time of your life, and finally informed that to be the defective binding of low-grade Xianshu and finally Coach Tote Bags to imitate the style Shazhao! To the shortage of resources in urban and rural areas-run development and implementation of development plans as soon as possible.

    Over the years,while coach undergoing a radical change, but its essence is enduring. COACH product not only reflects the contemporary United States free and open philosophy of life, also pay attention to the balance of product design and function coach handbags, regardless of the details of everywhere from the style to reflect the exquisite art craftsmen and reflected the maximum extent applicable, comfort and irresistible sense of fashion, in order to give customers time to bring surprises.

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    Cheap Christmas Replica Bags

    As very few moments have been left for Merry Christmas thousands of people are busy in their Christmas shopping right now. When it comes to the Christmas shopping, there are plenty of Christmas accessories and fashions out there but nothing will be a greater choice for you than paying some money for cheap Christmas rep. bags at all for the reason that replica handbags have really become the hottest fashion particularly during this upcoming new Merry Christmas celebration worldwide.

    In essence, cheap Christmas replica bags are luxurious types of handbags which can be available in many trendy and versatile shapes such as Cartier replica bags, Mont Blanc replica bags, Coach Bags, Hermes bags, Louis Vuitton bags, March Jacob replica bags and many more. Remember that cheap Christmas replica handbags are very elementary as well as compatible handbags for the Christmas ladies. Style wise, cheapest Christmas rep. bags and purses are very immaculate and colorful handbags at all.

    That is why they would definitely attract to your eyes especially during upcoming Christmas occasion beyond your imaginations. They are very worthy as well as creative purses. That is why online handbags shop offers you cheap Christmas replica handbags all around the globe.

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    In short, replica bags have become the hottest fashion among the fashionable ladies especially during this Christmas occasion all around the world. Stunningly replica bags shop offers you cheapest Christmas handbags globally.

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    Now days every one is involved in the extracurricular activities because they help us to maintain our health and fitness and they are also a source4 of enjoyment. Youngsters are more interested in various adventurous activities. They are young and energetic and they want to get thrill ad adventure. These activities include biking, running, swimming, hiking, joking etc. These activities are important for having a healthy life style. Although these activities are constructive but they can become dangerous many time.


    Reflective vests consist of safety clothing or covering in order to avoid any unexpected event. The main purpose of reflective vests is to protect the major body parts from injury. During running, walking, swimming, biking, hiking etc the people may loose their balance and can fall down directly on the road or any other material. This may lead to a severe brain or other body damage and in many cases death of the individual. Reflective vests play their parts in such situations. They not only protect the individual but also minimize the damage. You may say that they are your life line or life saver.


    Reflective vests are not only used for biking, running or other such activities but they are also used for many other life saving services. Various reflective vests are made to protect from the fire. The material used in such vests is fire resistant. In case of any fore incidence the freeman wears the same vest for their protection. In the same way some vests are bullet proof. They are especially made to absorb the bullet with in them without giving any damage to the people. Such vests are commonly used by the police department as well as the army because they face such situations on daily basis. These vests are also used by the sailor because they also save from drowning in the water. These vests have saved many lives and they are the most commonly used item I emergency situations.


    Reflective vests as the name implies, have the property of reflecting light which is their great strength. Reflective vests are made from fabric that reflects light. It has several layers of this fabric. Many other materials are used in reflective vests according to the need for example for making bullet proof reflective vests such material is used which is bullet proof etc. With the new innovations many other features are added to the reflective vests. Now days reflective vests are made in such colors that become highlighted easily even in a large crowd. The reason for using such bright colors such as orange and parrot green is that in case of emergency such as any fire or flood you can easily reach such persons and take their help. Most of the emergency service providers and the police are using such bright colors in their vests. Reflective vests are present in various designs and shapes. There is a wide range of designs from which you may select any one. You can also get information about various reflective vests including the material used in them, their price, shape, design and usage on internet. Many online companies are selling reflective vests online.


    In the start vests were named as life vests. They were made by using the natural material from with in the surroundings. In the start cork and balsa wood was used to make vests that help in swimming. Kapok was also used as a filling material in many vests. France introduced a new life vest in 1960.It was called as poikilothermic. It was very light as well as flexible. These vests have extra features and were more effective. Now days various vests are being made, such as fire resistant vests, reflective vests, life saving vests and bullet proof vests. Each has its own features, design and shape according to its need. The most common material used in making vest is the plastic. Nylon is also used in making vests.


    Various steps are involved in manufacturing reflective vests. The process starts from purchasing the raw material and ends at quality control checking.


    Raw material is mostly taken in bulk. Some of the raw material includes the reflective fabric, plastic and nylon. Threads used for stitching are also taken.


    The next step is to select the design and shape for the vests. You can select the design according to the demand of the customers.


    In this step, the fabric is cut down according to the design selected. The rolls of nylon are also opened and plastic is also arranged in proper shape. Most vests also have foam in them. In
    cutting process, the foam is also cut down in to pieces.


    In this step, the pieces of foam, plastic, fabric and other material are sewed with the help of machine. It I same like sewing any garment or clothes. In this step the main body of the vests is made.


    In this step the label of the company is printed o the vests.


    Finally the quality of the vests is checked. Various inspection teams check the quality so that only the perfect units should move forward for selling.

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    Mazhar Shah is an upcoming writer but he has proved himself as a mature writer in very short period of time. His main strength is the way in which he writes. After reading his articles, it becomes clear that he knows what he is writing. he use simple words to explain even the complex issues and this is the best thing about him. You may give your comments about this article on.

    80′s Footwear

    Shoes were never left out in the flair of fashion back in the 80’s. If you think that only dresses was the most noticeable ensemble in the body during that decade (aside from the big hair) then you’re wrong. The shoes complemented what was worn, completing it.

    The 80’s, known to be the decade of excess made sure that plain, dark colored clothing and shoes were kept under lock and key while those vividly colored were showcased on the streets.

    A lot of popular shoes of the 80’s can still fit in modern day fashion. Listed below are the shoes that were really popular in the 80’s, some are still until now.

    Jelly Shoes – They come in a variety of colors. Black or white, pastels, or even neon. These shorts are perfectly worn casually. It could fit well with shorts and t-shirts, tank tops and miniskirts, and pretty summer dresses. With a variety of colors you can pick one that will match your clothes.

    These shoes are made from jelly rubber, a PVC type of rubber. The name suggests a soft jelly but you will be surprised that when worn for long periods of time, they could be uncomfortable as the material is quite hard.

    Sneakers – Converse, Keds, Reebok and Adidas were the popular brand of sneakers that were very popular in the 80’s which I’m glad to say is still very popular today. These shoes were worn with colorful shoelaces. The shoes were glittery and with colorful patterns. Some even came with studs and rhinestones. People who didn’t even work-out loved sneakers with straps such as the Reebok Hightops. They were worn not only for aerobics but also casually. These sneakers matches denim skirts and jeans.

    Pumps – Found in almost every woman’s wardrobe. These kind of shoes will never get out of style. In the 80’s these shoes are so loud paired with frilly and colorful clothing. Neon pumps looked great with glittered leggings. Pumps matches with almost anything. It is perfect for work clothes, party dresses, date night ensemble, and casual afternoons. Different colored pumps are paired with colorful glitzy clothes, without care for matching.

    With these 80’s inspired foot wears, you can confidently go out and have fun.

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    x10 gps wifi tv phone Dual card from china so cheap

    <img class=”imageBorder_g” height=”200″ alt=”x10 gps phone” width=”200″ name=”primaryPhoto” alt=”x10 gps wifi tv phone Dual card from china so cheap” src=””/> 

    <h3>x10 gpswifi phone Dual card phone</h3>
    x10 gps wifi tv phone Dual card from china so cheap! Hot Point:

    Buit in gps
    Dual Sim
    Dual Camera
    Touch screen
    Full Screen View
    Hot Point:</font>

    <font face=”Verdana”>Buit in gps
    Dual Sim
    Dual Camera
    Touch screen
    Full Screen View

    <font face=”Verdana”>

    <font face=”Verdana”>
    <font size=”3″>Main formation:</font></font>

    <font face=”Verdana”>Display Size:  3.8 inch touch screen
    Screen Resolution   QVGA(240*320 pixels)
    Screen Type   TFT
    Display Color   256K  
    Ringtones Type   Polyphonic/MP3
    Audio File Format  MP3/WAV
    Video File Format  3GP/MP4
    Internal Memory  71.8M
    Packed with Memory Card  N/A
    Support Extend Card   1.8G </font>

    <font face=”Verdana”>
    Image File Format  JPEG/BMP/GIF
    E-book Format  N/A
    FM Radio  Yes  
    Data Transfer   USB/Bluetooth
    GPRS   Yes
    Mobile internet  WAP 
    Camera:0.3 and 2.0 mega
    Camera Pictrue Resolution  1600*1200/272*480/160*120/640*480/1280*960 
    Stand-by Time   Up to 400 hours
    Talk Time   Up to 4 hours
    charger  USB/Travel Charger
    Input  Handwrite  
    Phone Book  500 Entries
    Messaging  SMS/MMS
    Color  Black
    Dimensions/W*D*H  114*58*14mm
    Net Weight   0.127Kg </font>

    WiFi phones are not cell phones. These phones operate by linking up to a WiFi signal and then using that signal to make phone calls. Many phones have popular telephony systems already installed. The fantastic thing about that these phones is that they work anywhere in the world you can find a WiFi signal.

    Make sure you really need a WiFi phone. If you’re trying to get a cheap substitute for a cell phone then stop right now. A WiFi phone is limited to hotspots and cannot be used to make emergency calls.

    Choose a phone preloaded with Skype. Skype is a free telephony replacement service that operates from any computer. If your WiFi phone has Skype you’ll be able to call friends that also have the program. Spend a little bit of money to get a phone number that can be reached around the world.

    <font face=”Verdana”>
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    </font>Dual cards standby phone,
    TV Function,GPS,WIFI
    Support memory card
    MP3 / MP4  player,Calculator
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    <font face=”Verdana”><font size=”3″>Color and Language:</font></font>

    <font face=”Verdana”>Color: black and word
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    <font face=”Verdana”><font size=”3″>Package:</font></font>

    <font face=”Verdana”>1 Cellphone
    1 Wired stereo earphones with built-in MIC and clip
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    1 Phone to USB cable
    1 Power adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz)
    1 User manual – English

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